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NOLA TimeBank


Community Weaver 3 is a product of TimeBanks.Org and was developed by Kent Davidson of Market Acumen, Inc.. To see the history of changes look at the release notes.

We would like to thank all of the individuals who helped to make this product a reality; without them, it would not be what it is today.

TimeBanks.Org Executive Team & Board

  • Edgar Cahn, Founder & Chairman of the Board
  • Christine Gray, TimeBanks.Org USA, Executive Chair of the Board
  • Krista Wyatt, CEO & Executive Director (2020-present)

See the TimeBanks.Org board members at: TimeBanks.Org

Advisory Team – From Start to Roll-Out

The TimeBanks advisory team participated in feature development, reviews, and usability feedback for Community Weaver 3.0. Their input was invaluable in shaping the product.

Advisory Team – Ongoing Development

Software Quality

Our software quality team spent hundreds of hours finding and analyzing bugs in Community Weaver during our alpha and beta stages, to make sure Community Weaver was as stable and bug-free as possible:

Design and Usability Expertise/Feedback

Usability Testers

These TimeBank members took the time to help us analyze the usability of Community Weaver 3 and greatly inflenced changes made to improve usability. We can't thank them enough:


Community Weaver Documentation

Special Thanks

All of the many TimeBank coordinators and members who submitted suggestions for improvements, changes and new features.

Financial Support

For all the individuals and the TimeBanks whose donations have helped to support the development of this software. Special shout-outs to the following for their generous individual donations:

  • Mark McDonough
  • Edgar Cahn & Christine Gray

External Tools and Libraries

Community Weaver 3 is built with the following open source library toolkits; we greatly appreciate all of the work and dedication that goes into providing this free software.